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Pediatric Dentists: Louis Pollina, DDS; Brandi Roeber, DDS; Ryan Francois, DDS; Teen Dentist:  Laura Walden, DDS; and our Dental Staff look forward to providing Positive Dental Care to children and teens from Gladstone, Liberty, Parkville, Smithville, and Kansas City’s Northland suburbs.

Dentistry For Children – Kansas City’s North Pediatric Dentists and Dental Staff are dedicated to providing a Healthy Smile to our young Patients in Kansas City, Parkville, Liberty, and Gladstone area each Week.Read More
Information about our Kansas City Northland Pediatric Dentists Drs. Louis Pollina, Brandi Roeber, Ryan Francois, and our Newest Teen Dentist, Dr. Laura Walden.See More
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  • Dr. Louis Pollina's Dental Team

Updated Pediatric Dentist Pictures

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See our Updated Pediatric Dentist Pictures

In addition to our Updated Pediatric Dentist Pictures and Teen Dentist pictures. Kansas City’s Northland Dentistry For Children has new Dental Team pictures. Do you want to see who helps […]

  • Halloween Dental Tips 2014

Halloween Dental Tips 2014

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Contrary to popular opinions, Pediatric Dentists, like myself do enjoy Halloween. Just in case, you’re not sure where I’m in the picture, look for me wearing the referee attire.

Another thing I enjoy about Halloween is […]

Teen Oral Health

A 2012 study of Teens Visiting ERs due to Oral Piercing Injuries showed:

Lip injuries 46%
Tongue injuries 42%
Injuries to teeth 10%
Infections from Injuries 42%
Puncture wounds 29%
Unremovable 39%
Contact our Teen Dentist Dr. Laura Walden for Oral Health Care Education, Prevention, and Treatment.

Recent Parent Reviews of our Kansas City Northland Pediatric Dentistry

I just wanted to express my gratitude to all of you! My son had to have a couple of fillings done yesterday – I was a nervous wreck! I was so worried this would negatively effect his normally happy attitude about going to the dentist. It was just the opposite – Dr Pollina was so very good with him and he was not bothered in the least. I couldn’t answer the phone when he called to check on him last night (which is so wonderful that he does that!) but my son was doing great! We are so impressed with this practice and can’t thank you all enough!
L.K. - Dentistry For Children Email, Pembroke Hill School
I was very impressed with everyone I encountered at this office. We had a lengthy travel and I was unfamiliar with the area. I called and was given directions from where I was to help me get there. Everyone was friendly and very helpful. – February 2014 Google + Review
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