What to expect at your child’s first teen dental visit.

Whether Dentistry For Children is the first dental office your child has seen or the second, their first dental visit will be different then the pediatric dental patients. Your child’s first dental visit will still be both fun and informational for the patient and you as the parent! Good oral hygiene with the patient and the parent, helps to establish a proper oral care routine.

Your child will start off their visit with one of our dental Hygienists. The Hygienist will ask questions regarding possible previous dental visits, eating habits, and if any other habits that may affect the patients’ oral health. From then, your child will take X-rays if needed and the go into the cleaning. The patient will be asked which flavor of tooth paste they prefer.

Dentistry For Children may gear to Pediatric, however we also gear to Teens as well. There is a designated treatment area that is more intended for teens 13 years old to 18 years old. The area has chairs that fit more to an adult size patient.

Having a Teen Dental Specialist in our office, we want to encourage patients to continue good oral health to further a child into adulthood.