Feb 2024 is National Children’s Dental Health Month

Feb 2024 is National Children’s Dental Health Month! According to the AAPD, it’s a month to “raise awareness about the importance of oral health in children and encourage positive dental habits in childhood.”

Oral Health Importance

We know it’s vital for children to have proper Dental Care at an early age. The lack of age-appropriate dental care could affect learning, communication, and other normal growth and development activities.

Establishing a Pediatric Dental Home

Establishing a Pediatric Dental Home - AAPD picture of home

Here are some benefits when you establish a Dental Home with our Specially Trained Pediatric Dentists:

  • An ongoing relationship is created between our Pediatric Dentists and the family
  • Helping Parents understand the expected growth and development of their children’s teeth

  • Providing Comprehensive oral care to patients

  • Following up with timely Preventative and Acute Dental Care

In other words, Dentistry For Children wants to help our young patients develop positive Dental Habits. We know that positive Dental Habits developed early in life benefit children as they become young adults.

Questions about establishing a Dental Home for your children?

Questions?  Please contact our offices to learn how our Pediatric Dentistry can help your children’s oral health development.

See the Positive Dental Experiences we provide our pediatric dental patients each week!

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