Pediatric Sedation Dentistry is available at our Gladstone Dental office. In the case of the very young children, those with developmental disabilities, or children with numerous areas of decay and unable to cooperate in a traditional office setting, it is sometimes necessary to use general anesthesia.

Our pediatric dentists have hospital privileges at Children’s Mercy Hospital and North Kansas City Hospital for those procedures.

In addition, Dentistry for Children works with a local anesthesia group to provide outpatient surgery services at our Gladstone location. This allows families the option of having their child’s dental care done in a familiar environment utilizing the same board certified anesthesiologists who are on staff at Children’s Mercy Hospital.

Kids with extensive treatment plans benefit when they awake from anesthesia and their dental care has been completed without negative memories of the experience. Once we have restored these teeth we can treat the pediatric patient in the office on a regular basis.

For more questions regarding Pediatric Sedation Dentistry at Dentistry for Children, please download the AAPD Sedation brochure below. Also, you can call us at our Gladstone Pediatric Dentistry (816) 548-3400.

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