Project Description

Dentistry For Children offers Digital Panoramic Radiograph

The Gladstone Dentistry For Children Office has recently installed a Digital Panoramic Radiograph or “Digital Pan X-ray” Machine to aid in Diagnosis and Treatment Planning of the following:

Features of the Digital Panoramic Radiograph Equipment

  • Evaluating for Dental Diseases
  • Checking on Dental  Development
  • Impacted Wisdom Teeth
  • Pain and/or dysfunction of the temporomandibular joint

Benefits to our Pediatric Dental Patients using this device include:

  • Short time required to make an image compared to older X-Ray Machines.  Helpful for children unable to sit still during traditional dental x-rays
  • Reducing the need to place film in the child’s mouth to create image
  • Large sets of Images can be conveniently stored and saved
  • Useful in aiding Patient Education on Oral Health Care

This New Diagnostic equipment will allow Dentistry For Children to provide a High Quality of Oral Health Care for all of  Our Young Dental Patients.

If you have questions about our Pediatric and Teen Dentistry, please call Dentistry For Children at (816) 548-3400.