Dentistry For Children’s new Gladstone Dental Office allows our Pediatric Dentists: Louis Pollina, DDS and Brandi Roeber, DDS to perform additional Dental Services using various types of sedation and anesthesia techniques with a local anesthesiology group.

Pediatric Dentistry Sedation Options at Dentistry For Children Previously, when various sedation and anesthesia technique were recommended for each pediatric dental patient, some of the recommendation, from our Pediatric Dentists and consulting Anesthesiologists, required a hospital setting. Future recommendations may allow performing these services at our Gladstone Office for our Liberty, Gladstone, Parkville, Smithville, and Kansas City Pediatric Dental Patients.

Latest Pediatric Dentistry Sedation Options benefiting families

This new option allows parents to have their child’s Dental Services done in a familiar location with staff familiar with each child’s dental history.  Dentistry For Children believes maintaining familiarity with our Dentists, Staff and our Office leads to a safe and positive environment for our pediatric dental patients and their parents.

If you have questions regarding our Pediatric Dentistry Sedation Options at Dentistry For Children or questions on the various children and teen dental patients benefiting from Sedation Dentistry, please visit our Sedation Dentistry page or call our Gladstone Pediatric and Teen Dentistry at (816) 548-3400.