So what is the Daily 4 for your child’s oral health? According to Dentistry For Children’s Registered Dental Hygienist Viginia Winford, “it’s a conversation we have with our pediatric and teen patients about using 4 daily oral health routines.”

Brushing Teeth

“First, we talk about the importance of brushing teeth 2 minutes twice a day helps fighting plague, cavities, and other dental issues. If a patient needs help brushing their teeth, we’ll show them different options one being an electric toothbrush.”


“Second, we discuss the importance of flossing teeth with all our patients. If a patient struggles flossing their teeth, we’ll suggest a flossing or interdental cleaning tool that works best for that patient.”

Rinsing Mouth

“Third, use a mouth rinse to help fight bacteria. When a mouth rinse isn’t available, patients can rinse their mouth with water to help dissolve excess sugars and acids.”


“Fourth, chewing sugar-free gum after meals and snacks stimulates the salivary glands to produce more saliva in the mouth. This helps clean out food particles and neutralizes acids on the teeth.”

Using the Daily 4 for your child's oral health routine

“Since brushing teeth is the most important oral health daily regiment, we suggest ways to incorporate the daily 4 into our patients oral health routine.” – Virginia Winford, RDH

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