Cold and Flu Season Reminders for Dentistry For Children Patients. According the the CDC, US “flu season occurs in the fall and winter. The peak of flu season has occurred anywhere from late November through March”. We appreciates each parent and guardian’s help in reducing these illnesses at our Pediatric and Teen Dentistry.

Please help our Pediatric and Teen Dental Offices when your child has the following:
  • Your child had a fever or vomited in the last 24 hours
  • They exhibit excessive coughing
  • They were excused from School due to the cold or flu
  • They have fever blisters on their lips
teen cold and flu

If your Child or Teen Patient has these symptoms on the day of their Dental Appointments, please call our Gladstone Dental Office at (816) 548-3400 or our Liberty Dental Office at (816) 792-1118 to reschedule their Appointments.

If you have one child sick and the others are okay, our Pediatric and Teen Dentistry will see the well child, but we will need to reschedule the sick child’s appointment.

Dentistry For Children thanks each parents and guardians in following our cold and flu season reminders. Following these tips will help reduce the risk of families at our dental offices from catching these viruses.

If you have any questions regarding our cold and flu season reminders, please call our Gladstone Office at (816) 548-3400.

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*Cold and Flu reminder updated from Nov 2013